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The Clean Green Certification for cannabis crop producers was established in California in 2004, and has since expanding globally.  All of our farms and processors meet the current strict standards to be organically managed similar to those of the USDA NOP program.The Clean Green cannabis crop producer certification is for the grower-farmer who acts in a legal and respectful manner with his or her surrounding environment. The Clean Green program allows this quality farmer to be distinguished from the rest with a label that stands for legal compliance, consumer quality and environmental stewardship. View our 2020 featured Clean Green Certified member directory of our top crop producers & processors. 


Ananda Farms
Applegate River Roots
Aurora Medical
Attis Trading Co.
Buddy Buddy Indoor Natural
Busy Bees Organics Cannabis
C4 Farms
Caring Kind
Cascade Growers
Canopy Club
Coldwar Organics
Dama Distributing
D&S Urban Farm
Emerald Twist
Meraki Gardens
Fleur Brands
Pacific Cultivation
Leagle Services
Lazy Bee Gardens
Green Life Productions
Growth Science Organics
Green Revolution
Good Stuff Grow
Güd Gardens
Henry's Original
Higher Cultures
Maggies Farm Colorado
Nursegrown Organics
Ozadia Plant Science
Pirate Hemp & CBD
Pruf Cultivar
Puffin Farm
Raw Garden
Redwood Remedies
Sacred Sun Farms
Snod Grass Family Genetics
Swami Select
Tumedicina Farm
Vital Garden Supply
Midnight Gardens
SoHum Living Soils
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