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Find verified Clean Green Certified® organic farms & brands

Meet our featured ORGANIC CERTIFIED farms, processors and handlers:

The Clean Green Certification for cannabis crop producers was established in California in 2004, and has since expanding globally.  The Clean Green cannabis crop producer certification is for the grower-farmer who acts in a legal and respectful manner with his or her surrounding environment. The Clean Green program allows this quality farmer to be distinguished from the rest with a label that stands for legal compliance, consumer quality and environmental stewardship. View our 2023 featured Clean Green Certified member directory of our top crop producers & processors. To request an application, please fill out our form to be certified and a featured member.

Alliance Hemp CO
Ananda Farms
Aurora Medical
Aqualitas | Canada
Biobizz | Soil Amendments
Bluestar Farms | Ok
Burr's Place
Carroll County Cannabis Co.
Cannawave | Technology
Cuban Roots Cultivation LLC
Culta | Maryland
Coldwar Organics
Deep Creek Gardens
D&S Urban Farm
Eco Canadian Organic Inc.
Falcanna | Seattle
Fuze Extracts
Fleur Brands | NV
Green Life Productions | Nv
Green Revolution
Groundwork BioAg
Güd Gardens
Harvest Cannabis Dispensary
Haskil Creek Farms | Cannabis Counter
Higher Cultures
High Point MJ
Helping Hands Dispensary
Henry's Originals | CA
Illicit Gardens | Missouri
Lazy Bee Gardens
Lost Coast Plant Therapy | Plant Protector
Left Coast Standard
Maggies Farm Colorado
Meraki Gardens | OR
Ottawa Innovations | Higher Love MI
Planted Provisioning | Dispensary
Raw Garden
Rhiza Ranch | OK
Rising Roots
Ruby Farms
Sacred Sun Farms
Source Cannabis | CA
Southland Farms | MI
Swami Select | CA
vermont compost
Vermont Compost | Soil
Vital Garden Supply | Soil Amendments
Walden Cannabis
Whistler Medical Marijuana - Canada
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