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Why Clean Green?

The Clean Green logo certifies that the cannabis is provided to the consumers in a clean and sustainable manner throughout the supply chain.   Outlets and processing facilities for cannabis products such as edibles or oils that process a Clean Green Certified® farm’s cannabis may use the Clean Green name and logo only if they are certified as a Processing/Handling operation.

As cannabis is progressively becoming legalized at a state level, processing/handling facilities are coming under the radar of compliance and regulation.  Clean Green certified operations follow strict guidelines that will prepare your facility for dealing with this legislation.  The Clean Green certification reassures your customers about the cleanliness and professionalism of your operation.  Clean Green certified dispensaries have the advantage of being part of a larger Clean Green community of educated consumers and responsible farmers.

The first step to Clean Green certification as a processor/handler is to ensure that your facility meets our eligibility requirements.  Once eligibility has been determined, your facility will need to request an application.  This application details the facility’s procedures for the processing and preparation– and, in certain cases, for the concentration and cooking– of products for review. Are you a certified processor/handler and want to renew your application? Click here for your application. Please email [email protected] for more info.

Questions address topics such as the source of electricity, your procedures for ensuring marketplace legality, the types of substances used in your processed cannabis products, the methods employed for sanitizing your work surfaces, staff training, etc. Once the application is completed, an onsite processor/handler inspection is scheduled. During the inspection it is confirmed that the methods the processor/handler stated in the application are in fact the methods being used on site. There is a thorough review of the record keeping system of your Clean Green operation.  The certification is valid for one year from the date your certificate was issued.

Vegan Cannabis:
What is vegan cannabis and why does it matter? The vegan life style is based on respect for all living things, animals included. Clean Green Certified Vegan© Cannabis can meet the desires of our vegan cannabis community by NOT using animal by products in any aspect of the growing, processing or packaging of the vegan cannabis sold under the Clean Green Certified Vegan© label. Vegan cannabis is grown and processed without animal based fertilizers, or pest controls, instead using plant based composts, green mulching, cover crops and plant based fertilizers. Look for the “Verified Vegan” Clean Green Certified Vegan© product at your local retail store!

To get your product Clean Green Certified® or licensed, contact us today to learn more at [email protected]. Or click here to apply.

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