The Closest to “Organic” that Cannabis can get – Since 2004

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Why Clean Green Certified?®

Clean Green Certified® is the #1 certifier globally for cannabis


We ensure that our farmers use best practices using natural pesticides and control methods which are maintained under organically based regulations. 

cannabis Legal Compliance

The Clean Green Certified® program ensures our farmers and processors are legally compliant at the state level. We also maintain the cannabis certification program. Members get Free materials review.


Recognized as having the highest level of standards in the world. Chris Van Hook founded one of only 84 fully accredited USDA National Organic Program companies globally. 

About Us

The Clean Green Certified program was created in 2004 as a way to regulate legal cannabis-products that called themselves “organic”, and developed a program to help farms & products obtain a sustainable certification based on national and international organic, sustainable and regenerative programs.
We are the longest running, largest, most award winning cannabis certification program in the world, recognized globally. No other certification program has the agricultural experience we bring to our members, with over 60 years of farming & processing at your fingertips.  Clean Green growers & processors have won more awards than any other cannabis certification program GLOBALLY.  Clean Green Certified helps Farms, Processors, and Products continue to win and place in competitions, continuing the legacy since 2004.

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what are the steps

TO BE Clean Green Certified?


The Clean Green Certified Program is based on existing national and international organic programs.  We take our lead from these widely accepted gold standard programs.


You will need to be clear if you are a crop producer, a processor/handler making products, an outlet or a service company supporting the organic cannabis industry. 

3.Certification Process

After a close review of your inputs and procedures, and confirming you are a licensed company in your state, we conduct an inspection. After a successful inspection a certificate & digital logo are issued.

Our farmers practice responsible agriculture

No other cannabis program globally has anywhere near the number of award-winning products as the Clean Green Certification® program.

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