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Thank You For Your Submission -please READ below:

Clean Green Certified & licensing program application process

Thank you for your application to the Clean Green Certified Certificate & Licensing Program. We will begin the review promptly.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (707) 218-1069, or to email us at: [email protected] to request an application and review process.  Once you complete the application process, you can email a digital copy, or print and scan, and email your application.

      The  Clean Green Certification Program:

  • Crop Producer
  • 100% Vegan
  • Crop Producer/Vegan
  • Processor/Handler

      The Clean Green Licensing Program:

  • Products (fertilizer, pest control, soil, amendments)
  • Services (insurance, pest control, other)
  • Equipment (solar panels, laboratory, greenhouses, other)

crop producer overview

processor handler overview

The Clean Green Program is now offering a vegan designation for those producers that wish to seek that additional designation. There will be an opportunity to state that in the crop production application in the link below. A crop producer may apply as either a 100% vegan operation or as a “split operation” – producing both vegan and non vegan products both under the Clean Green Certified program. To get started, please fill out the application for Production of Crops. To request our list of inputs please email [email protected]

Thank you ! The Clean Green Team @cleangreencertified

This application is for operations that process cannabis. If you are only operating as an outlet/ dispensary/delivery/distributor service, we will have you complete a different application. Please contact us at [email protected].

Displaying the Clean Green logo on your product label is an excellent way to get your products in the market. To apply to be licensed, please complete the application . We request that you send in the full certification fee at the time of your application submission. If you withdraw, or are found ineligible for certification, any unused portions of the deposit will be returned.

Service Licensing OVERVIEW

Equipment Licensing overview

Being a Clean Green Certified Licensed Service Provider, is a great way to build trust in the cannabis industry, and allows you to to gain more exposure as a Clean Green Certified Licensed Service Provider. Licensing is renewed annually. Please call us for pricing details. The Clean Green Certified logo is recognized as a mark of reputation throughout the cannabis agriculture industry. To apply to be a licensed service provider, download our application below.

Services may include pest control companies for crop producers, research and development services, and delivery services. For more information, please email us at [email protected].

The Clean Green Certified program is pleased to offer our licensing program for our equipment providers.  You will need to  list any certifications you have on this equipment that show it meets or exceeds industry standards, such as certification by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), and/or other laboratories or organizations that test and approve quality standards in design, materials, and operation of this type of equipment.  Should you need help or assistance, please email [email protected].


clean green licensing program for products

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Clean Green Certified Licensed member. Being a member will provide a reputable affiliation with the Clean Green community, service providers, crop producers, and processors/handlers.  Be prominently displayed on the Clean Green website, resulting in high traffic and relevant visitors, and buyers looking to add a trusted brand to their retail outlets. Once licensed, a company may use the Clean Green Certified logo on their labeling, packaging, and advertising. All of our licensed products will also be included in our exclusive directory and will gain the benefits of the free advertising and online exposure to your brand.


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